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We Offer Strategic Systems Engineering and Accelerated Deployment: seamless integration of Technology, Expertise and Quality

Victory’s Team of Architects plan, design, engineer, plus integrate solutions, as we leverage our relationships with leading technology manufacturers and software developers. We offer competitive pricing of custom engineered solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT is radically changing the way organizations approach the management of their assets, the monitoring of their business operations, and the way they interact with their end-users. Our Engineers work with organizations in building a roadmap for IoT analytics and IoT at the Edge.

Virtualization and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)


Our Technology Experts work with clients in meeting requirements quickly and cost effectively!

Network virtualization: managing the available bandwidth into channels

Storage virtualization: storage area networks (SANs)

Server virtualization: resources (physical servers, processors, and operating systems) management, sharing, utilization and maintaining the capacity

DCIM: Asset Management, Capacity Planning, Data Center Monitoring, and Energy Management Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies


We offer a comprehensive range of power protection solutions. We can help you select the solution – or a combination of solutions – that you need, including:

Green Technology
Green Technology

Green Technology – We have extensive expertise in flywheel Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions. Traditionally used with standby diesel generators for applications needing more than 10,000 watts of protection, these provide backup power only during the brief period of time needed for generator start-up.

One-On-One Protection
One-On-One Protection

One-On-One Protection – Typically used in networks where each node or individual PC has its own dedicated power protection. We offer phase, basic protection, network protection, accessories and surge suppressors.

Clustered Protection
Clustered Protection

Clustered Protection – Protect several servers, workstations or other network nodes in close proximity with a single, larger UPS. We can also provide enclosure systems that address heat, dust and system security issues. Options include 3-phase UPS, power conditioning/distribution and transfer switches.

Facility-Wide Protection

Facility-Wide Protection – For operations with numerous computing, telecommunications and peripheral equipment. Our large-scale UPS solutions can power a single floor or an entire facility, with choices such as transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS), large-scale surge suppression and specialty surge suppression.

Environmental Control Units


We are experts in the procurement of specialized air conditioning and other systems for data centers. Whether you are spot-cooling a specific area or seeking total protection for a traditional raised floor environment, we have the solutions you need, such as:

Energy Efficient & Flexible High Heat Density Cooling
Above Ceiling

These solutions are available with open or closed architecture and may include either pumped refrigerant-based or water-based technology. They have proven effective at cooling racks, spots and zones.

Above Ceiling
Above Ceiling

These units are ideal for computer, control and equipment rooms with limited floor space. Options include self-contained or split systems, ducted or free-air-discharge, with air, water, glycol and chilled water models ranging from 1 to 8 tons.

Equipment Shelter

Equipment Shelter

AC and humidification systems for high-efficiency, space-saving configurations, enabling precise temperature and humidity regulation and air filtration. From 1.5 to 3 ton capacity, available in air, water, glycol or chilled water models.

High Capacity AC Systems
High Capacity

Precision temperature, humidity and airflow control for areas housing critical equipment, with capacity options from 6 to 60 tons. They are perfect for computer rooms, telecommunications and process control areas.


We can advise on the best choices in dedicated chillers for water-cooled mainframes, with equipment ready for final piping, wiring and installation. Choices in indoor/outdoor construction, with capacities from 1 to 10 tons.

Heat Rejection
Heat Rejection

We feature an extensive line of condensers and dry coolers for cases where heat rejection is an issue. Options include Quiet-Line models and configurations appropriate for roof mounting. Sizes range from 1 to 50 tons.

Closets / Cabinets


Integrated Enclosure Systems
Above Ceiling

Computers and other sensitive electronics can be damaged or impaired by excessive heat, poor power quality and unauthorized access. We offer a variety of integrated enclosure systems that feature self-contained air conditioning, UPS and wiring management in sturdy, lockable cabinets.

Secure Containers for Classified Government Networks
Heat Rejection

This product category designated by the Federal Government for protection of equipment handling classified information is labeled as an “Information Processing System Security Container”, or IPS Container for short. IPS Containers comply with federal regulations and satisfies the functional requirements for secure, reliable, unattended operation throughout the defense network. This product meets the mandated requirements for physical and environmental protection for SIPRNET nodes for network connectivity. IPS containers meet requirements of a wide variety of defense sites, each with its own facility characteristics, security landscape, climate and environmental conditions.

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