Victory Global Solutions, Inc. is now a member of Supplier Connection

Victory Global Solutions, Inc. is now a member of Supplier Connection, a Web-based portal, that makes it easier for small businesses to become recognized as potential suppliers to large companies and for large companies to identify small companies with whom they would do business.  Supplier Connection is committed to the growth and success of small businesses because the promotion and growth of small businesses have been identified as crucial components to improving the economic vitality of the United States.  Giving small businesses the opportunity to market their goods and services to supply chains of large companies could potentially serve as a key source of revenue to be leveraged for expansion and job creation. Member companies/organizations of  Supplier Connection offer best-in-class tools and resources specifically tailored for small businesses.

Supplier Connection provides small companies with a standardized and streamlined way to register basic information, share business practices, and potentially connect with both large and small businesses to enhance their opportunity for growth. In turn, large companies are now able to quickly find registered suppliers and communicate and forge stronger relationships with new and existing suppliers. Moving forward, Supplier Connection will continue to support economic growth by encouraging businesses, both large and small, to participate in this exciting and important initiative.